This is a guide book to menswear and developing a classic style. It will help you get from wherever you are with your personal style right now, to a place where you always look great, regardless of changing trends.  Like anything in life, when you’re going from point A to point B there are many routes you could take. If you asked 20 people in Manhattan how to get from Central Park to Broadway & Canal, you could get 20 different suggestions. Take a cab, take a train, rent a bike, don’t bother…you could also unwittingly take directions that never get you there.

It’s no different when you ask about style. Among those who bother to have an opinion on men’s style, the opinions vary considerably. You won’t have to look too far to find someone offering advice that contradicts my own. In the end, one of the beautiful things about style is that it is yours, not mine. You decide what you will wear and to whom you will listen. And if you decide to don something heinous, you are accountable, not I.

Menswear, whether done correctly or incorrectly, is timeless. Things that looked bad 20 years ago still look bad today, and the reverse is also true; the few things that did look good 20 years ago still look good today. This is the most fundamental difference between style and fashion.

This guide is about developing a classic, masculine style that exudes confidence and sophistication across decades. You will teach it to your kids and it will exist long after you’re gone. When your family and friends are gathered around looking at pictures of you, they’ll either be able to tell when you started reading this guide, or they’ll just say, “Damn, he always looked good.”

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